Current MMJ Prices: HOD - $1000-2200 Smiley face | HGH - $1400-2800 Smiley face | HID - $2500-3400 Smiley face | MOD - $900 Smiley face | MID - $2100 Smiley face

Top Shelf Delivery

We Take Pride In Offering The Highest Quality Strands And Service To Our Patients Since 2006. Call Now To Schedule Your Delivery For One Of Our Friendly Staff Member's To Deliver To Your Door. Please Have Your Prescription and State ID Ready.
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NorCal Weed Index

Nor-Cal Weed Index

Ca Price of Weed is Priced on Quality HandCrafted Product. Machine Trimmed Product can have a $200-$800 Price Cut Per LB!!

*The lower end prices could be Machine Trimmed or Good Quality Greenhouse/Outdoor.

Purples- $2700-3000 greenarrow | Kushes- $2900-3399 greenarrow | Indoor- $2000-2800 greenarrow | Greenhouse- $ 1400-2200  greenarrow | Outdoor- $1000-2200greenarrow

-HOD= Hand Timmed Outdoor
-HGH= Hand Trimmed Greenhouse
- HID= Hand Trimmed Indoor
-MOD= Machine Trimmed OutDoor
-MID = Machine Trimmed Indoor